Okay so another blog,this time it will be a bit longer than usual but I guess it deserves to be a long one.

Great,so let’s dive into this wonderful journey which actually started way back in September when I received the congratulatory e-mail on receiving the Grace Hopper Scholarship.I was highly elated as I always wanted to attend conferences,meet established people and breathe the air my idols do(haha… psycho touch :P)


Grace Hopper is a social gathering of all the wonderful women out in the IT industry.This celebration is now a 7 year old successful venture.It is produced by the Anita Borg Institute and presented in partnership with ACM India.

It was a three day celebration where each and every moment counted,bringing together several known and unknown faces.The first day was the most exciting one since I didn’t know what lied ahead of me.Further while travelling on theΒ  South Indian streets exposed me to the diversities of our country.We finally reached the first-day venue which happened to be White Orchid.As soon as we stepped down off our buses we were amazed to find so many women gathered for this event.Multiple registration booths were lined up with women from different regions.This was just a sneak peek of what I was going to discover.


I would tell you one thing which would lure you to attend a conference in near future,we actually get a lot of free stuff πŸ˜› The Grace Hopper Conference literally flooded us with so many goodies,here’s a quick look at what we got (just so that these things encourages you to apply next year and grab them) :xD


Moving on,the inauguration was a huge hit as it was planned with a high dose of panel discussions,one to one interactions,introductory speeches by the most eminent people of our industry and how can I forget,the performances by the local dance groups.The speeches were so inspiring that literally everyone was glued to their seats in spite of the mouth-watering dishes being served outside πŸ˜› . I personally loved the keynote speaker ,Mrs.Vanitha Narayanan who is such an inspiring women(PS:She is a great dose of inspiration in case you guys need some,do google about her).







By this time I was feeling so lucky to be a part of this celebration and I had so many reasons to be happy.From meeting my old friends who fortunately were present there to getting clicked alongside my idols.Meeting them in person is a whole next level experience,you feel more encouraged and motivated.










Coming next were the career fair booths,all lined up together only to leave you wondering which one to go first.I don’t even remember the exact count of the booths but they all had games/quizzes/hackathons and survey sessions.I grabbed a few goodies from there as well.


The air around us was full of positivity and it was good to see people connecting with each other.The ambience of the whole place was thrilling and gave major career goals.From keynotes to street plays the place had it all.

Coming next to the food,just recalling those mouth-watering cuisines makes you want to go back even more.The food pumped all of us from time to time.Not to forget ,the red-velvet cupcake became the first love of many πŸ˜› The days passed by in a prick of time with each day bringing new opportunities,new people and of course more experiences.Back at the hotel also we had a small meet-up where all the scholars , as well as, their mentors came along to know each other.Who knew we would just end up dancing πŸ˜›


This is how I would sum up my three days of memorable journey,though I couldn’t express everything but I guess all the fine details are on this blog platter πŸ˜› for your service.These were my best days.Adieu Bangalore,see you soon ❀


The exciting Hacktoberfest

The journey through the month of October has been the most exciting.From getting to know more about Open Source contributions to the happiness one derives by getting their PR’s merged is something which is priceless.Yes,October was the month which exposed me to a lot many things.From getting invited as a scholar to GHCI(Grace Hopper Conference India)-2016 to getting my article published at ReignIT the journey has been

Hacktoberfest added to all the thrill.Hacktoberfest is basically an open source event which welcomes all the developers to come out and contribute to any open source project with the tag “hacktoberfest” and make a minimum of 4 pull requests in order to win the exclusive T-shirts.

I grabbed the opportunity and was able to make more than 4 successful pull requests.Cheers!! πŸ™‚

How to deal with local server using wamp

Wamp server is the most easiest way to get your local database on board.It comes with the inbuilt inclusion of apache,php and sql.

Set up a local database with a password as well.Sometimes it does flag an error when it can’t get the required resource.PHP acts as a link between your website and the server.

Cookies are small files embedded by your server onto the computer which monitors user’s activity on the internet.Each time the user uses the internet it will send the cookies as well. Php helps in creation as well as accessing the cookies.

Currently I am trying to learn how to fetch data from a database.It is very simple though,it can be easily done with the help of php and two methods either of which can be used as per the requirements as the type of data and it’s security.those two methods are Get and Post methods both of which use different classes to fetch the data,the former usses HttpClient and HttpResponse whereas the latter one uses URLEncoder and URLConnection.


A Little Bit About Computer Interactions !

What is a Server?

Server is nothing but a computer program which waits for any request of data and allows it’s transaction, infact any computer program interacting with more than one client process .

Servers are of various types depending upon the usage.Most of the servers usually don’t have a GUI.

Internet hosting provide servers which provide clients with good internet connections with upstream bandwidth.

Importance of a Domain Name.

Having a domain name is as important as you having a name which helps others in identifying you. Computers interact with each other with the help of IP address and if in case we don’t have an IP address it would be like locate instead of

Having a domain name in a way gives you identification just like your name gives you one πŸ˜›

There are basically 3 things which make up a website:

  1. Domain name
  2. site server
  3. site file

Local server is the one which is running in a local folder.

Web hosting is basically the facility through which you put your website on the internet.GoDaddy provides shared web hosting service.



My First Blog

Hi everyone, this is Anubha Kushwaha,COE second year student at Delhi Technological University and I was quite keen on writing a blog since very long and that now I have one I can pour in my thoughts and views in here.